Books. Good books. Great books. Amazing books. But best of all, every single book is about our good, great and amazing God.


Our faith should never be blind or unthinking. Faith and reason are not opposites, they are partners. Here at Free Church Books, we want to provide you with the resources to deepen, broaden and heighten your faith through sharing in the published wisdom of others.

The Free Church Bookshop in Edinburgh has now closed, after many years of good and faithful service. In its place, Free Church Books is delighted to introduce our new online bookshop, brought to you in partnership with This has a wide range of affordable titles, handpicked for their Biblical integrity and spiritual insight, including favourites from our own Free Church authors.

As a special introductory offer, use the voucher code FCBOOKS15 to get an additional 15% off any of the books on our homepage!


Everyone has a favourite book, or an author they go back to time and again. That's the case for Christian books just as much as popular fiction. But what about the books you've never heard of, or the new titles you've never seen? How can you know if they are worth reading, and perhaps even better than what you're reading now?

Alongside our online shop, Free Church Books is also starting up a new book club. In just one monthly email, people from all walks of life will share a few short recommendations of the Christian books that are exciting them right now. That way, you can find new books to read that you know are enjoyed by people that you can trust.

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