This is not a book of biographies of interesting people, rather it is a book of very contemporary issues, with insight from interesting people who confronted them head-on. In this way we learn from the lessons gleaned in the heat of hardship, and see God’s hand in the real-life testimonies of faithful women.

Dayspring has chosen 10 issues facing all of us in some way or another today, whether we are struggling with them ourselves, or someone around us is, or whether we want to think through them biblically. These include marriage, eating disorders, sexuality, forgiveness, bereavement and others. In choosing the testimonies of 10 interesting women, Dayspring helps us to see these issues personally, and engage with them so much more richly.

However, it is Dayspring’s own insights which I found most useful and thought-provoking as she brings Scripture to bear on these topics, and as she turns the lessons into devotion by challenging and encouraging in equal measure. Each chapter ends with the question ‘Can I bear fruit?’ in the midst of these difficult circumstances. In each case the answer is a resounding ‘Yes’ as the testimonies bear witness. There are further questions for group study or individual reflection, which make this a perfect book for use in women’s bible studies or for one-to-one discipleship. I heartily recommend it.

Anne Norrie, St Columba's Free Church, Edinburgh