I am sure that we all wish praying was as easy as reading about it! This book by J.D. Greear does aim to make praying easier as we form a habitual daily prayer life. He deals adeptly with many of the barriers to prayer we experience and offers reasons why some prayers appear unanswered. He then challenges us to consider why we pray. We should pray, Greear argues, because of our affection for God; we should want to be with Him and talk to Him. We should not pray just to get something. This, to me, was the most useful section of the book. ‘If God is beautiful to you, however, then you will love to pray’, maintains the author. He then proceeds to demonstrate how the Lord’s Prayer (which he terms the Model Prayer) will aid us in our praying.

This helpful book, therefore, offers both principles of prayer and practical aids for praying. J.D. Greear writes in a modern vein, providing effective illustrations both from his life as a father and also a pastor. Overall, I found this book beneficial even though I was not totally convinced by the way it was structured.

This book is available to purchase from The Good Book Company.

Gari Lewis, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Llwynhendy