Culture can often caricature Christian faith as leaving our brain in neutral or dropping it off at the church door alongside our offering. However, contrary to popular opinion Christianity is not a mindless faith. Our minds matter, something which William Edgar helps to sketch out in this short introduction to the Christian mind. 


Since this is a short overview it does not address everything. That being said, Edgar does well to cover a lot of ground with limited space. It is an excellent point of entry for Christians to consider how they use their minds for the pursuit of God’s glory. It is also a helpful resource to consider the role of the mind in Christian mission. For example, how do we communicate the gospel amidst the rising tides of relativism in British culture? 


I would highly recommend this book to Christian students as they seek to engage culture both on and off campus with a Christian mind. Perhaps this is something that your church could gift to students in your setting. It would also be a good resource to read with a small group of people. Although there are no set questions the short chapters will spark good discussions. 


This book is available from Mound Books.

Martin Paterson, Cumbernauld Free Church & OMF International