Books. Good books. Great books. Amazing books. Best of all, every single book is about our good, great and amazing God.


Established in 2018, we are a resource for all faithful Christians. Our aim? To encourage, challenge and surprise God’s people with the truth about Him, as is particularly found in good Christian books.

Bible study, communal worship, prayer and reflection - these are the fundamental ways in which our faith is nurtured. But for as long as there have been Christians, there have been writings about God, about faith and about the Christian life. It is part of how we deepen and share our fellowship with Christ, and it’s not just for the experts. Everyone can benefit from excellent Christian books – you just have to find the right ones for you.

Free Church Books take books from solid Christian publishers and ask people you can trust to review them. That way, you can know that these books are Biblically faithful, spiritually encouraging and at the right level for you.

Our book reviewers come primarily from the Free Church of Scotland, both ministers and ‘normal' members. It’s always helpful to hear what our ministers think, with their training and experience, but it’s often most encouraging to hear from ordinary folk, with their likes, dislikes and grounded perspectives. And we’re always on the lookout for more reviewers to come on board!

As you will see, our reviewers are not all from the Free Church – we don’t have the monopoly on good theology. Some are Free Church members whom life has taken away from Scotland, others are like-minded Christians who have reached out to join the team. All are faithful believers.

Our book reviews are no longer published here on this website, but they are still available regularly in The Record magazine and on the Free Church of Scotland website.