Books. Good books. Great books. Amazing books. Best of all, every single book is about our good, great and amazing God.


Welcome to Free Church Books. Come on in, pull up a chair and browse all that we have to offer!


We are Free Church Books, a new project set up by the Free Church of Scotland. We are passionate about God, excited about Jesus, and keen to share the good news of the gospel through great Christian books. We are for all faithful Christians, everywhere. And sadly, no, the books aren't free!


Bible study, communal worship, prayer and reflection - these are the fundamental ways in which our faith is nurtured. However, we believe there is also a place for good Christian books; books about the Bible, about the Christian life, about evangelism, about great Christian figures of the past. These books can guide us through the everyday issues and give advice and help. But how do you know if you can trust these other books? That's where Free Church Books comes in - by collecting books from authors you know and reviews from people you respect, we want to take the risk out of your browsing.


Our project has two halves. Firstly, we have an online shop in partnership with 10ofthose, an established Christian publisher and bookseller. Here you can find a wide range of affordable titles, handpicked for their Biblical integrity and spiritual insight, including favourites from our own Free Church authors. We also offer a wide range of services for congregations and conferences - the more you buy, the cheaper each one is!

Secondly, we are building up a collection of book reviews from Christians from all walks of life; ministers, students, parents - anyone and everyone is welcome. Our reviewers are deliberately not all 'professional Christians', because we want to have something for everyone. What suits you may not suit your minister, and what suits your minister may well not suit you! Our reviews cover a range of new publications and old classics, so there's bound to be something for you. These reviews are all available here, on our website, but you can also sign up to our mailing list to get a monthly digest.