What could be better than a book which encourages you to dig deeper into one of the gospel accounts of Jesus’ life? This book does exactly that.

Sproul’s writing is accessible and easy to follow — suitable for devotional use, and far less irritating that some commentary series with their unwieldy arrangements of material. This is not a ‘technical’ commentary, but there’s plenty of depth to make it worthwhile for the pastor who wants the insights of a respected scholar and pastor to assist his own grappling with the text.

The origins of the book in Sproul’s own preaching shine through, meaning there’s little time wasted on irrelevant details. And where he gets into complicated concepts, he’s worked hard to make them accessible and engaging. For instance, if you want an explanation of the pernicious heresy of Monothelitism, there’s a great one on page 537 which I think will make sense even if you’ve never heard the word before today.

Of course, understanding Monothelitism as a concept doesn’t matter in itself. But behind the philosophical question lies a better understanding of the person, character and nature of our Saviour. And that matters a great deal.

This book is available from eden.co.uk.

Benjamin Wilks, Covenant Church, Newmilns