This is a helpful devotional book, designed for families to use together in the run up to Christmas. The author recognises that it is easy for us to lose sight of Jesus in all the festivities of Christmas and she wishes to help families keep their focus on Him. It comprises 25 Bible readings with associated commentary, aiming to explain the ultimate story of God’s redemption of His people through Jesus Christ His son, all for His glory. The writing is clear and accessible and the author also includes a helpful glossary of words that may need more explanation or discussion i.e. glory.

Each day also includes a summary box of the main point, how this connects to Jesus and some suggested discussion questions. I found this particularly helpful when reading with a younger child and in this way, it could be useful for families with a mix of ages. As so much material is covered each day I think it would be important to read this with children to allow for questions and further exploration of the main points.

I found the emphasis on the whole arc of the Bible very helpful, as it is easy to only focus on the story of Jesus’ birth and miss the greater story that Christmas is but a part of. It is not just our children who need to know this story as their own and this will also help parents and carers reading with their children to see their place in God’s amazing story of redemption.

Mairi de la Haye, St Peter's Free Church, Dundee