‘Do we need another book on apologetics?’  was my first thought when I opened this book by Michael Ots.  ‘I’m so glad he wrote this’ was my final thought when I put it down.  This is refreshingly different and right up to date. He covers the issue of suffering carefully, but apart from this I can’t think of another book that addresses the range of questions he does.  For example, in ‘Making sense of humanity’ he shows where the idea of human rights came from; in ‘Making sense of our world’ he explores the origins of our concern for the environment.  He very helpfully discusses issues of our personal identity, our pursuit of happiness and our obsession with freedom.  He even asks and answers the questions of how we can make sense of loneliness and love.  He concludes by presenting the good news about Jesus as the only solid foundation for hope and calling the reader to follow Him. \ \ This is a fine book.  It certainly addresses contemporary questions and it does so in an engaging manner with up-to-date and modern references and helpful quotations.  The chapters can be read in any order and will be of great help to Christians wanting to share their faith with others.  As a ‘give away’ to those who aren’t already believers, I do think it's aimed at an educated audience.  It is probably most suitable for students or those who’ve already shown a serious interest in the questions it addresses.

David Gallie, Bethesda Evangelical Church, Warrington