Do you suffer from crippling anxiety or long to help others in their daily struggle with anxiety? If so, 'Jars of Clay' is a very helpful, timely and practical book for you. When experiencing anxiety, it can be difficult to focus and concentrate long enough to be able to read much. However, this book is written in short, manageable chapters, each ending with questions for reflection, making it very readable. Catherine Haddow brings a lot of knowledge, understanding and insight to the reader, not just because she is a chartered psychologist, but because she too has suffered from anxiety which lends authenticity to her writing.

The book explains what anxiety is and how it can affect us, at both a physical and spiritual level. It helps us examine if our anxiety stems from putting our trust in material things, our health, or our relationships - treasuring these things more than God. The reader is helped to understand how ‘The outer manifestations of anxiety reveal the allegiance of our inner soul. We put misplaced trust in things other than God.’ Through highlighting biblical truths and showing the reader how ‘the treasure of the gospel is present and active in every uncertainty we face’, Catherine Haddow aims to bring us into a greater relationship with God and to treasure ‘the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ’ above all else in order to find deep and lasting peace in Jesus. She reminds us that God ‘will help us because He loves us’.

Joanna Shearer, Dunblane Free Church