You know the joke that in Scotland we can have the four seasons of the year in one day. Sinclair Ferguson has the ability to communicate to children, to the young in the faith, to the well-educated, and to the theologically trained all in the one sermon and to nourish the souls of each of them.  


Lessons from the Upper Room is “an invitation to spend a few hours with Jesus’ disciples, listening to his teaching and overhearing Him pray—both for them and for you.” Based on seminars delivered at Ligonier Ministries, Ferguson takes us to that Upper Room in Jerusalem and allows us not only to hear the Saviour, but to sense the atmosphere, as He prepared His disciples for what was to come.  


Ferguson is a master story-teller. His illustrations are superlative. For example, in trying to capture the Saviour’s humiliation in coming into this sin-sick world, he asks us to imagine someone descending from a penthouse suite in an elevator and stepping out into a lobby crowded with smokers.  To walk through that lobby will mean being contaminated with the odious odour of cigarette smoke. What a way to demonstrate how our Saviour was affected by (infected with?) our sin.  


Whoever you are, however far you have you have travelled with the Lord, reading Lessons from the Upper Room will provide you with the perfect preparation for Easter 2022. 

This book is available from

Ian Watson, Hope Church, Blackwood & Kirkmuirhill