‘My Last Name’ is a short story from Eric Schumacher, the co-author of ‘Worthy’. It is a poignant and delicate picture of a well-lived life coming to a bewildering yet satisfying end. It is Charlotte’s story; a woman whose life has been rich and fulfilling, but who is now 95 and confused by dementia. She lives between memories and the present, finding both disturbing and comforting.

‘My Last Name’ is a novella, so doesn’t have a ‘point’ in the same way a non-fiction book on dementia would. However, it is almost certainly more relatable than they would be in terms of the realities of living with dementia. This bleak disease is no less heartbreaking to live with for Christians, and yet the book has a compelling message for believers:  whatever may come and go through our lives, our true identity is firmly with Jesus. This is our sure promise and future hope, however difficult or befuddled our ending here on earth may be.

This is a gentle and easy read, and I would especially recommend it to anyone whose life has been affected by dementia in a loved one. Really, though, it is a book for everyone. 

This book is available from Waterstones.

Miriam Montgomery, Free Church Books