This enjoyable book is a vivid, totally honest account of a MAF missionary family’s everyday life in Africa. It was extremely interesting to learn more about how MAF operates globally and to glimpse behind the scenes of various MAF team compounds. The author is a very good storyteller, who draws on her copious journal notes to give us an extremely detailed, comprehensive picture of her family’s life.

One of the things that struck me afresh was that, in order for MAF pilots to carry out their amazing work, it is the wives and children who often sacrifice most. Another thing I particularly appreciated was that the author is not ashamed or afraid to share her ‘un-Christian’ thoughts and feelings with the reader, even when she feels they do not reflect well on her. This ‘no-holds barred’ approach does not set missionaries apart from ‘ordinary’ Christians like us, so we can empathise readily with her and can consequently rejoice in God’s miraculous provision for the family time and again in the ordinary events of life.

The frightening account of the unrest in South Sudan and the subsequent escape from Juba was the part I enjoyed most in the book and, were this book to be made into a film, this would certainly be the exciting climax. From beginning to end, God is the central focus and it is immensely encouraging to witness Him doing ‘immeasurably more’ than the author’s wildest dreams. Read it and be inspired!

Judith Lewis, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Llwynhendy