This is really one of the coolest books I have ever read about the Reformation! Meant for around the 8-12 age group it can be read by any adult who wants to learn about Reformation history. Most of the names from these historical times are well known but to have a snapshot of each of them and the timeline throughout those 400 turbulent years in Europe was absolutely fascinating. I was only sorry that it wasn’t longer! The illustrations on each page would appeal to the younger age group and I think Martyn Smith has done a great job with his pencil. The Sola Slogans, which I thought might detract from the main text in fact added to the fluidity of the story and somehow embedded it into the reality of the basis of the Christian faith. This was our story, and I felt a part of it somehow. An inspirational and cracking good read.

Available from Christian Focus.

Ruth Aird, Bruntsfield Evangelical Church, Edinburgh