I am all for Christian writers engaging with current affairs; it is hugely important to bring an eternal, gospel perspective to life as it is today. After all, our Saviour is alive today - He isn't simply a character from history. And people's biggest questions are often about the issues facing them right now.

However, there is a danger that we jump on a bandwagon and publish something just to have something to say. This short booklet from Tim Dennis is full of gospel truth, but I'm not sure it adds anything new to John Lennox's 'Where is God in a Coronavirus World?'. Also, as we all know too well, life in the last two years has changed time and time again, so what was relevant and helpful a few months ago may no longer be so applicable as we move beyond lockdowns towards 'living with coronavirus'.

This book speaks gospel truth, but my concern is that it may already be outdated in the detail.

Miriam Montgomery, Free Church Books