This book is for leaders and about leadership and it is a breath of fresh air and a blast of cold air at the same time! It’s a breath of fresh air because Rico Tice, well known throughout the evangelical world, speaks in a candid and yet compassionate manner about the realities that being a leader in the church faces us with. He manages to get his point across in a humbling yet humorous way again and again. And this book is also a blast of cold air because it is a wake-up call to leaders to seriously, prayerfully, humbly and honestly consider our motives and manner in leadership and to model ourselves on Jesus, the Leader exemplar.

So Rico zeros in on four things that matter most in leadership and deals with each in turn in its own chapter: Define Success: Be a good and faithful servant; Fight Your Sin: learn from Achan and repent quickly, honestly, daily; Lead Yourself: have friends with whom we commit to the CIA - confidentiality, intimacy and accountability; and Serve Your Church: James and John wanted to be in the Cabinet, but Jesus told them they must go into kindergarten. Be willing to serve in the lowest position. There’s a helpful chapter at the end with questions for reflection and discussion that help to reinforce the main lessons from each chapter.

This really is a great wee book- a breath and a blast but above all a blessing.

Colin Macleod, Gairloch, Kinlochewe & Torridon Free Church