Within this book is a veritable fountain of information for sharing the gospel. Primarily it is for our Muslim friends but in fact could be used in any given situation to fulfill the great commission of going into all the world. Scott examines every question that might be asked about Christianity and gives simple practical answers that are biblically underpinned. Each chapter points towards loving our neighbour with a Christlike love regardless of their culture or creed, giving them honest information, which is embedded in godly truth.

Because it is so important to understand someone else’s worldview this little pocket size book is big on information pertaining to the Muslim culture. It is such a helpful book that I would advocate carrying it around until the contents have become ingrained in your mind so that you are ready to speak out for Christ to our Muslim friends whenever the need arises. The resource list at the end is vast and covers books, websites, short online messages. So much so in fact that if you were to read this book and study all the given resources it would be like undertaking a complete module in sharing the gospel with your Muslim neighbour! I recommend it.

Ruth Aird, Bruntsfield Evangelical Church, Edinburgh