As Emily Maurits guides us through the life of this little known man one thing becomes very clear. Thomas Clarkson was a self-effacing, humble servant of the living God, who took on a seemingly insurmountable task which was to consume his whole life. Even after the abolition of slavery he found that his vast experience in standing up for injustice and the poor led him into many other areas.

Although this book is for teenagers it should be read by everyone who has a heart for the marginalised, those without a voice and the weak who are preyed upon by the strong. Clarkson stood up for these people for 86 years and has left this world almost without a trace. Maurits has brought his message of hope and salvation alive after being buried for almost 200 years. While Clarkson never wanted to be a trailblazer, he and his horse travelled thousands of miles to bring the plight of African slavery to the notice of the British Parliament. Today slavery still exists in other forms and the pertinent questions at the end of this little book ensure that Clarkson's legacy is keeping that trail blazing.

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Ruth Aird, Brunstfield Evangelical Church, Edinburgh