In “Show My Your Glory,” Dr Lawson guides the reader through a set of his sermons on understanding the various attributes of our God. This has been centred around Moses' exclamation to God in Exodus.

This book could be easily used in a devotional style as each sermon is broken down for each point, making it very readable in short bite-size sections, but each sermon could be read as a whole with minimal difficulty, I actually found myself reading several sermons in one sitting.

The topic of the attributes of God is often overlooked or we take it for granted. A statement like “God is holy” seems obvious to us a Christians, but what does it actually mean for our God to be holy and why is it of upmost importance for us to understand it? Dr Lawson breaks down these big statements about God and helps us understand why they are so magnificent and what God’s various attributes teach us about Him.

I highly recommend this book for personal study or for group use. It’s an easy read that allows for you to meditate on the things we often overlook during our busy lives. It explains how just wonderful and truly unexplainable our Creator is and why that is a such beautiful news for us as believers.

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Sarah Perkins, London City Presbyterian Church