In this short book, eleven chapters each answer a question regarding the Lord’s Supper, with the aim of giving some clarity about what we are doing when we gather for Communion. Mathison draws from scripture as well as the historic Reformed Creeds and Catechisms to explain and defend the reformed position - which he does with real clarity.

There are some question, such as ‘How Frequently Should the Lord’s Supper be Observed?’ where the author gives his opinion and his biblical rational, while leaving room for other views. While not always agreeing with his conclusion, these can be helpful checks to ensure that in our practise tradition or pragmatism hasn’t taking priority over biblical wisdom.

As this is only a brief book, there may well be other questions people have about the Lord’s Supper which aren’t covered here. The book also doesn’t quite have time the emphasise the great privilege of this sacrament and build our joy in celebrating it. However, for those wanting to think a bit more deeply about Communion this would be a good starting point.

This book is available to purchase from Book Depository.

Ali Sewell, Haddington Community Church