All of us experience suffering in our lives and suffering comes from a variety of different sources. The question of how we, as Christians, process our own suffering and the suffering of others is so important. Amy Orr-Ewing’s book, Where is God in all the Suffering?, engages with this question. Amy doesn’t have all the answers but drawing on personal experiences she points us to the ultimate hope in the midst of suffering that is found only in Jesus.

In a relatively short book (only 130 pages) Amy unpacks a variety of causes of suffering such as grief, sickness, mental health, violence, natural disasters and systematic suffering. She discusses our instinctive reactions to suffering and looks at how other worldviews approach suffering, before pointing to what the Bible has to say. Since we all experience suffering and know others who suffer this book is essential reading for all Christians as we seek to offer hope and comfort to others.

Stephen Allison, Kiltarlity Free Church