This well-written, easily readable book draws the reader in from the outset. The main message, one that we all need to take hold of irrespective of our circumstances, is that true contentment in Jesus only is enough, not Jesus plus the things we long for. Paul’s statement in Philippians 4 v 12-13 that he has ‘learnt the secret of being content in any and every situation’ is the theme of the book.

I found the testimonies which pepper the book to be sad yet challenging and encouraging. Most have no happy endings if judged by this world’s standards but the knowledge that God is sovereign and that Jesus Himself can make up to us for any perceived loss is the anchor to which we cling. I admired the honesty with which each person shares the struggle for contentment, which may be ongoing.

I saw Esau’s story in a new light as the author describes how he chose to prioritise a present, genuine and significant need over a future promise. Our present longings fade into insignificance as we ponder ‘promised riches beyond compare, the intimate relationship we long for…’ (p.78).

I do not hesitate to recommend this book and challenge anyone not to benefit from it.

Judith Lewis, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Llwynhendy