This engaging and thought-provoking book is written with the conviction that a Christian is to grow in holiness which is to become more like the Lord Jesus Christ. Since holiness and truth are inseparable, for a Christian to grow, they need to have three things: first, confidence that the Bible (the truth) is the Word of God; second, a knowledge of what the Bible teaches; and third, experience of the truth lived out in daily life.

Most helpfully, Charles Hodge outlines the case for the Scriptures being the Word of God that the reader's confidence in them might grow. From this solid foundation, he builds up ‘The Way of Life’ by outlining truths that are essential to salvation. He discusses sin, justification, faith, repentance, professing faith and holy living. Hodge shows not only what we are to know concerning these truths in order to be a Christian to begin with, but also what continuing effect these truths should have on our hearts and lives. This helps the Christian to be salt and light in this world of darkness.

‘The Way of Life’ would be very helpful to Christians of any stage in their walk with the Lord. It may be of particular benefit to younger Christians, perhaps at college or university, seeking to engage other students with the truth of the Gospel.

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Allan Shearer, Dunblane Free Church