What better gift to give children this Christmas than to point them to the Lord Jesus Christ?! Only through Jesus will they have everlasting life and eternal happiness. This engaging book provides a helpful structure for daily family worship, teaching, and discussions about the true meaning of Christmas. Beginning on the 1st December, this simple devotional book outlines twenty-five reasons, based on Gospel truths, as to why Jesus came and the wonderful gifts he has given us. It focuses on one reason each day, right through to Christmas Day and shows how the gifts Jesus gives us are far better and lasting than anything we could ever want or imagine.

The book teaches about the purpose of life, redemption from sin, full forgiveness and the righteousness of Christ in ways that help children to understand these amazing truths. It also provides journaling space so that families can keep a record of their special and invaluable time spent learning, growing and worshipping together. At Dunblane Free Church we have ordered one of these books for each family to help our children know and cherish the true joy in Jesus this Christmas and beyond.

Joanna Shearer, Dunblane Free Church