Are there people on your Christmas card list who you know don’t love Jesus yet? Do you struggle every year to convey what Christmas really means to you, without straying too far from the usual festive politeness? This little leaflet is designed to help. Perfectly sized to fit inside a Christmas card, it unpacks the life-giving mission of Jesus in a simple yet compelling way.

As David Earnshaw and Roger Carswell remind us, there are two censuses in the New Testament – a famous one at the beginning, but another, more significant one, at the end. The impact of that first census has long faded, but the ‘The Lamb’s Book of Life’ will have permanent, incredible, seismic effects. This is the truth of what we believe, and surely we want those we love to be on the right side at the end?

If you care enough to send a Christmas card, you care enough to include this message. Only 15p each, or 100 for £6!

Miriam Montgomery, Free Church Books