Teenagers today (and grown-ups for that matter) face many big questions. But often it is hard to know where to go for answers. A.S.K. by David Robertson is a brilliant book to help with this. The book tackles 52 different questions from a huge range of topics: from Harry Potter to the Big Bang, from North Korea to Forgiveness. Each question is looked at in the light of a passage from the Bible and there's questions to consider along with recommendations for further reading. The answers are a really good balance between not being too long and yet there's an excellent level of detail.

Over the past year, our teens group at St Columba's used A.S.K. as a guide for thinking about some of the big questions that young people face, and the book was a very helpful resource for the group. So for teens, for Youth Fellowships, for people of any age, if you have questions, A.S.K is a great book to go to.

Thomas Davis, St Columba's Free Church