From the very first page, you can tell that Tessa has poured her soul into the writing of this book. She writes openly and honestly not only about her fears and struggles but about her peace and happiness that she has found in the Lord throughout her journey with a medical condition known as NF2; which caused gradual and then eventually complete deafness for Tessa.

She has methodically structured her testimony from definition, to doctrine, to doing; which helps the reader see not only Tessa’s ultimate message of the book, but what her journey looked like getting there.

With many Christian books, written by women for women, the main focus seems to be on marriage or children. Although those types of books are encouraging and certainly have their place, I found Thompson’s book to be much more inclusive of all women in every walk of life. She often uses her marriage or her children as examples but the aim of the book is not to be “a better wife” or a “better mother” specifically, her message shines across every page, Christ alone can comfort and guide us in our uncertainties and our purpose is to be seeking after our relationship with the Lord so that we can be better equipped for our various vocations not dependent on whether we are wives, mothers, single women, or childless.

For anyone that has ever suffered major trauma or for those that have had to deal with the minor inconveniences that life can bring about Thompson sets out a clear line of thinking about how we should view our situation in light of God’s ultimate plans for our lives.

This book is available to purchase from Eden.

Sarah Perkins, London City Presbyterian Church