This little book by the late R.C. Sproul addresses a question that many young people especially ask: “Why should I join a church?” Whereas the need for a Christian to become a communicant member of a congregation was once clearly understood it is less so today. People tend to be less willing to formally commit to organisations of any kind, and the church is often viewed with the kind of suspicion that is conveyed by the term “institutional religion”.

Sproul declares that his aim is to offer an apologetic or a defence of the church. The booklet covers the Biblical concepts of the church as bride of Christ and body of Christ and looks at the Nicene formula of one holy, catholic, and apostolic church. The difference between the invisible and visible church is explained helpfully.

This is a booklet to have on the church bookstore and to use in membership classes. To convince someone who is reluctant to commit to membership I would give them this booklet and direct them to Kevin DeYoung’s article '6 Reasons Why Membership Matters' (The Gospel Coalition).

This book is available to purchase from CLC.

Ivor Macdonald, Hope Church, Coatbridge