This is an excellent book in every way. It feels and looks like a high class book something that could easily sit on the shelves and look impressive as we have seen in so many Zoom calls of late. However it's when you open it that things really come alive.

The book is composed of 33 very short introductions to people who have helped shape Christian history. The people are as diverse as the Apostle Paul to William Booth to John Sung, this book helped fill in some blanks in my church history but didn’t overwhelm with information. Each study can be read in about five minutes and at the end of each there are helpful suggestions for further readings if a particular character has gripped you. I used this book in my daily quiet time and it fitted in well for that purpose though it would be equally well used as a reference book or perhaps a basis for some adult Bible class studies on church history.

If I had one criticism of this book it would be that it falls into the same trap that so many of these books do. The first study is on the Apostle Paul and the next is on John Wycliff giving the impression that nothing happened in the church for 1400 years, the churches loses much when we cut out the early church fathers from our study of church history. All in all this is an excellent little book, which won't break the bank and which you will come back to time and again.

Trevor Kane, First Portadown Presbyterian Church (formerly of Dumfries Free Church)