The central argument of this compelling and readable book is that self-discipline is core to fostering a healthy spiritual life. Otherwise, the author says, we will be like ‘a city whose walls are broken through’ (Proverbs 25:28).

My initial fears that this would be just another ‘self-help book’ were quickly allayed when Paul Williams firmly based his position on Titus 2 and 3 which demonstrate both the motivation and the help to become self-controlled. He then applies other relevant passages of Scripture. The author consistently encourages us to consider Christ’s sacrifice, our redemption and the return of our Saviour. Much of the book is taken up with addressing the need for self-control with regard to specific issues. In doing this, he underlines the destructive consequences of a lack of self-discipline whilst noting the manifest benefits of a consistent Christian walk. The issues explored are contemporary and relevant such as use of money, sexual relationships and screen time. However, in dealing with money, I feel the author could have discussed self-discipline in giving more fully. Nevertheless, he deals with these matters compassionately, drawing on lengthy pastoral experience and offering dependable advice to encourage the reader to become more like their Saviour.

Gari Lewis, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Llwynhendy