'The Fruitful Home' is short but jam-packed with biblical, practical advice on creating a Christian home. Starting from the foundations, Benton outlines how parents might go about establishing a Christian household, and the following chapters unpack what that might look like in everyday routines. There is so much in this little book for parents and would-be parents to think through – from teaching little ones about Jesus, to opening up the home in service of others.

Much of what Benton writes comes from her own experience but it never feels boastful – I just felt very fortunate to be getting an insight into how she and her husband lived this out with their own family. There is no hint of guilt-tripping weary parents, but instead lots of down-to-earth encouragement to keep looking to God’s word for wisdom in creating a home that encourages those in it to love and honour the Lord.

Jody Guy, St Andrews Free Church