In this second volume of a two-book set, Stapleton digs a bit deeper into various characters within the Bible. Although this book is small, it is packed with rich material!

Unlike the first book (which I also reviewed), this book feels a bit more geared towards older children as it is a bit more detailed. Although you do not have to read the first book in order to enjoy this volume, as each story is standalone, it certainly can only add to your experience as the stories start with more well-known and broader stories in the first volume which then leads into more narrow and lesser known stories and characters in this second volume.

Admittingly, there were some characters that I had not even considered their actions in relation to God’s providence and story of redemption myself. I found myself repeatedly encouraged throughout this book. This book along with the first volume would make excellent night time devotionals for children or for adults that are either teaching in youth groups or Sunday School settings.

Stapleton not only presents the texts that contain the individual accounts of these characters but draws on supporting texts throughout Scripture which supports the overall covenantal structure between the Old and New Testaments exposing Jesus Christ in every page of his Word.

This book is available to purchase from Christian Focus.

Sarah Perkins, London City Presbyterian Church