In the first of a two-book set, Stapleton brings to life both well-known biblical characters and those that are less studied. However, each figure is laid out in a lovely and clear way that allows all readers to be able to understand how God works all things together for good.

Although this book is geared for younger learners, it contains timeless truths that can encourage young and mature Christians alike. This book is laid out more as a devotional that lays out a short snapshot of a specific character that ends with questions and Bible readings that encourages deeper study. It is a fantastic way to put these stories into a wider context of God’s overall story of redemption. For instance, the snapshot of Eve’s bad decision takes you to Revelation to read about the devil as the serpent. At multiple points in this book, the stories cause you to read in both the Old and New Testaments.

For those with young children or leading any type of children’s teaching, this book promotes excellent biblical literacy that allows children to think about the consequences of their actions in a whole new way.

As a Christian of 20 years, I even found myself underlining multiple parts of this book finding encouragements and new insights through Stapleton’s retelling of timeless truths.

You can read my review of the second volume in the set here. Both volumes are available to purchase from Christian Focus.

Sarah Perkins, London City Presbyterian Church