I recently finished 'Revolutionary God' by Joel Morris. As I read this short book, I came away thinking to myself: "We need more 'revolutionaries' in the church today." As Joel highlights: 'The revolutionary's message is compelling, something people can strongly relate to and get behind. Sharing from their heart to the heart of the people, inspiring belief in the vision and mission of the movement."

In this 74 page book, Joel wants us to capture a revolutionary’s passion in communicating the Gospel Message as well as having the reader rooted in the Character of God, the great revolutionary. Each chapter consists of input from Joel to help kindle a revolutionary spirit in the reader, as well as pointing us to a Christian character whose conversion were revolutionary to them (as it is to all) and how it impacted their whole life afterwards. Characters such as George Verwer to John Bunyan.

This book in my opinion would be a helpful resource to put into a teenager’s hand or someone you are meeting for 1-2-1. It is a perfect wee book for a bus journey or a long coffee stop.

Chris Davidson, Merkinch Free Church