Sharon Dickens book, 'Character: How Do I Change?', is a wonderfully enriching yet accessible work on the growth and development of Christian character.

Specifically, Dickens frames each chapter around Gal.5:22-23 and in that section focuses on one particular fruit of the Spirit and how this should be seen in the life of the believer. Furthermore, Dickens grounds these theological truths in practical everyday examples, as the reader follows the illustrative story of a newly converted woman named Jackie and her struggles with leaving her old manner of life behind and embracing her new life in Christ.

Moreover, Dickens helpfully breaks up each chapter with “STOP” sections, in which the reader is encouraged to ponder how these points apply in their lives personally. Finally, Dicken’s succinct and down-to-earth style renders the work highly accessible for readers of all levels, yet by no means reducing the quality of the content she puts forward. Christians of all stages, both newly converted and long in the faith, will benefit tremendously from this succinct and helpful summary of the Christian’s growth in grace.

Connor Lord, ETS