The writer of this volume is a well-known author who has written on a range of topics, but in this book he deals with the biggest subject of all, God. There have been several books published in recent years on God, and this one is a welcome addition to the list. We all need more help when attempting to study the doctrine of God.

Although God is the greatest of all subjects, there is no need to write about him in an obscure manner, and Johnson avoids this pitfall. He has given careful thought as to how to present a wide range of material on the persons and attributes of the Godhead. Readers will find helpful chapters on God’s attributes and activities, including his works of creation and providence, as well as his holiness, righteousness, goodness and love.

In his book, he not only explains biblical passages; he also includes insights from theologians throughout church history, thus incorporating wisdom from the past and present. While there is no doubt that many readers will appreciate the abundance of helpful quotations from those other writers, I personally enjoyed more the passages where the author himself insightfully explained particular attributes of God.

While this book will not replace classics such as Packer’s Knowing God, it will take a place beside them. Pastors would benefit from having this volume to hand as they anticipate preaching aboutparticular featuresof God. All readers will find much in it that will lead them to worship the God of the Bible. After all, what would be the point of writing a book on God that does not result in appropriate worship of him? This book will not only inform, but it will inspire reflection on the greatness and grace of the God described in the Bible.

This book is available to purchase from ICM Direct.

Malcolm Maclean, Greyfriars Free Church