Scotland has changed rapidly in the space of a few decades. There are now people from all over the world who call this place home. Numerous reasons exist for this. Studies, marriage, the promise of a better life and even the sad situation of seeking asylum or refuge in the face of social turmoil. For Christians in Scotland, particularly in the big cities and the central belt, these communities exist on our doorstep and we have an excellent opportunity to share the love of Jesus.

This is where it is important to broaden our horizons and that is exactly what Hikmat Kashouh helps us to do. ‘Following Jesus in Turbulent Times’ is a semi-autobiographical account following the growth of Resurrection Church, Beirut, through the eyes of the lead pastor. In the middle of a huge refugee crisis, the church was presented with a wonderful opportunity to share the love and compassion of Jesus Christ as people flooded to Lebanon. But this was not without its challenges.

We are presented with 15 easy to read chapters, leading us through the highs and the lows of change in the midst of harrowing circumstances. Kashouh is a good writer and the real life examples and illustrations in this book give this book real depth.

Each chapter contains wisdom which has been worked out in context about living as disciples of Jesus. For example, how do we deal with suffering for the gospel? Or, how do we lead/serve in an inter-cultural church community?

At first glance we may not think this book has much to offer us in a secular western context, but that is where we are mistaken. In a globalised world it is essential that believers and church communities are aware of different worldviews and how we can share the good news of Jesus. This book helpfully explains ways that we can be more sensitive in serving our Muslim neighbours and those who come from an honour and shame worldview.

‘Following Jesus in Turbulent Times’ is for leaders, students, workers…any disciples who wants to engage with the obstacles and opportunities which arise in serving disparate communities in a globalised world.

This book is available to purchase from Langham Publishing.

Martin Paterson, Cumbernauld Free Church & OMF International