Now as much as ever, pastors, parents, and youth leaders need a solid biblical framework from which to counsel young adults (teenagers particularly) in relation to the many challenges facing them today. Although many resources for this are available, too often they are based on a secular foundation rather than on a biblical, theological one. This book is a welcome alternative. Taking the Bible as his source, Dr John C. Kwasny combines biblical teaching with sound practical application.

The opening three chapters deal with (a) biblical presuppositions; (b) the practice of a biblical counselling process; and (c) the partnership of parents and church in the gospel. The following fifteen chapters deal with typical teenage problems and set out a biblical, pastoral and practical approach to these. These include, anxiety, depression, drugs and alcohol, gender and identity, pornography, sex, and suicide. Each chapter contains sections on “a named example” of the behaviour, the “typical problems associated with it”, an “evaluation”, “biblical principles”, and finally “wisdom pointers.”

Dr Kwasny’s approach is marked by clarity, directness, understanding and compassion, while remaining faithful to the gospel. The print is clear, and the style makes for easy reading. The inner margins, though, are rather narrow, resulting in the need to constantly press the book down, so that holding the book can be tiring. However, the contents are excellent, and I heartily recommend it as a most welcome resource.

James Maciver, Stornoway Free Church