Dominic Smart has once again written a simple, very readable book on the basic failures of life. We all get it wrong and to read of one who was so close to the Lord apparently failing feels comfortable and yet challenging all at the same time. Comfortable because it means that we are not the only ones to fail. Challenging because Peter had a heartfelt desire to follow the Lord and messed up. In this book, we are shown that none of us fail so much that the Lord will not pick us up from all the mud and slime, setting our feet on solid ground – his ground. Dominic shows us our sin in all its ugliness yet illustrates a biblical way of allowing the Lord to gently, kindly and compassionately bring us to our knees when we see the look of love shining from his face.

In Peter we see ourselves, and in the Lord we see only love for fallen humanity and a desire to pick us up from that place of self-loathing and make us more like himself.

Ruth Aird, ETS