In this short book, Leslie Yates details what happened when his wife Ann was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The book is in two parts. The first section describes how Leslie came to faith in Jesus and eventually met Ann, whom he married in 1967. Thirty years later, while on holiday in Italy, she noticed problems with her movements and later that year was diagnosed as having multiple sclerosis. This change in her health led to many adjustments in their lives together. He describes how the Lord has helped them as together they have faced the consequences of the illness, in practical and spiritual ways. The book contains short chapters which are straightforward to read, but which reveal some of the struggles they have had and the blessings they have known. This book will help any facing this illness or carers of those who have it. Moreover, it will help church leaders and members appreciate to some extent the demands on those affected by multiple sclerosis.

Malcolm Maclean, Greyfriars Free Church, Inverness