Boasting is not necessarily the first topic you would think should be on the Christian’s radar. However, if you ponder scripture even briefly you can very quickly bring to mind verses that talk of boasting. In this book Moody takes us on a journey examining the Bible’s approach to the concept of ‘boasting’ alongside a discussion of it’s history and psychology. Why? So that we might boast right and be able to bear much fruit for the glory of God. At times it was hard, working though many bible verses to understand if the context was a positive or negative boast, but as is often the case - the destination is worth the journey. Through a detailed study of Romans 5:2, Moody takes us to a life changing place of deliberate and active boasting in Christ and his parting words that we cannot be quiet about Jesus if we love him are a direct and pure challenge to every Christian.

Carina Maciver, Dowanvale Free Church, Glasgow