This booklet is a highly condensed 'taster' for the recently published hardback, 'Creation: Design in a Fallen World'. It offers, firstly, a range of striking examples of design in nature, some of them showing what the authors (two eminent professors of engineering) describe as "irreducible complexity", ie. a structure which will not work unless all the design features are in place. This is a headache for exponents of evolution by natural selection, who have to deploy much ingenuity in explaining it. Next, we are asked to marvel at the striking evidence of the limiting conditions extant in the cosmos which make the earth habitable and agreeable to human life. Finally, the booklet explores the mystery of the spoiling of the earth by human sin, and God's plan for its redemption.

All this, of course, is not going to make much impact on the scientific community, or those under its influence, by whom it will tend to be dismissed as feeble or fraudulent. However, one of the publishers of the booklet is Christian Prison Resources, and it may be that it is intended to give copies to prison inmates – to whom it might well make more sense. In any case, it is an attractive and effective piece of advocacy for the Christian view of creation.

Donald Mackay, Knox Church Perth