The longer I am in the ministry the more I am convinced that the root solution to many pastoral problems is the knowledge of God. This is not a new insight but it seems to be a truth that has to be rediscovered by each generation of Christians (and pastors) after we have exhausted all other therapies, including those based on scripture. Therefore, the republication of Andrew Wilson’s “Incomparable” (first published by Kingsway in 2007) is to be warmly welcomed.

It is, as the introduction “unashamedly” declares, a book about God. It is set out in four sections or “explorations”, each of which is divided into very short chapters of no more than three pages each. The first section, “The Being of God” deals with his existence, and ideas such as that he is unknowable yet knowable. The second section explains the meanings of the various names God is given in the Old Testament. Section three explores the Trinity. Finally, section four looks at the attributes of God.

Wilson ministers within Charismatic circles (as testified by those recommending the book) and this comes across at times, for example, in the chapter entitled “Yahweh-Your-Healer”. However, if the footnotes are anything to go by, Wilson has clearly read widely and deeply.

The book would be most helpful to anyone who has no grounding in theology at all. For a more challenging read I would recommend Matthew Barrett’s “None Greater”. A particular strength of Wilson is his desire to evoke worship from doctrine. Peppered throughout the book are short pauses (“selah” moments they are called) which encourage the reader to stop and praise the God who has just been described.

Ian Watson, Hope Church, Blackwood & Kirkmuirhill