What a superb idea for a month’s meditations: the life of John the Baptist. Each day’s meditation covers two pages, with a question and a prayer at the end. The whole book is very well-written in an accessible, contemporary style which I liked very much. Therefore, because of the author’s communicative style, it is ideal for young people and/or new unchurched Christians. I particularly liked the fact that the prayers quote modern hymns and songs.

Although the links to John are tenuous in certain places, they are springboards to the Lord Jesus and issues directly related to Him, e.g. prayer and the Lord’s prayer (pp. 64,5). The author himself acknowledges this in his concluding chapter: ‘But though we have been studying John the Baptist, I wonder if you have noticed that we have actually been thinking a great deal more about Jesus than John!’. This is all the more significant when we remember John’s famous words: ‘He must become greater; I must become less’ (John 3:30: NIV). I like to think therefore that John himself would be very happy with the focus of this book and recommend it warmly!

This book is available to purchase from Christian Focus.

Judith Lewis, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Llwynhendy