The first two chapters of the book give a comprehensive overview of Israel’s history, which is particularly helpful to the reader. Then follows the book’s main focus; the detailed account of four Old Testament kings; Omri, Ahab, Jehu and Joash. The final chapter contrasts the Lord Jesus, the King of kings, with these other kings.

The book is very clearly written and organised effectively, with a very helpful summary at the end of each chapter. The author succeeds in making dense historical material accessible to the ordinary reader including high school students and demonstrates very ably how archaeological finds attest to and support the biblical accounts.

The tables and figures throughout the book are immensely useful in placing the biblical characters in their chronological lineage and I will certainly return to them periodically to reinforce my knowledge. I now understand the intricacies of the Northern and Southern Kingdoms much more clearly and have been reminded of how Satan sought to extinguish the line of David through the wicked Athaliah. God, however, kept His promise to David that this would never happen.

Although the author’s use of sources may appear to the reader to be overly deferential and uncritical at times, this book is a hugely welcome addition to anyone’s Old Testament reference library and I would recommend it as such.

This book is available to purchase from DayOne.

Judith Lewis, Tabernacle Welsh Baptist, Llwynhendy