In this instalment of the “God’s Word for You” series, Merida delves into the rich text of the book of Ruth. As a female in the church, I am often pointed to the book of Ruth for encouragement and example of how to be a godly woman. Even though this is certainly a major takeaway of the book, Merida has done an outstanding job of pulling so much more out of this book making it applicable not just for females.

He presents an in-depth look at the historical setting and just what it meant for Boaz to be Ruth’s redeemer and how Boaz sets an incredibly example for godly men, but moreover how the entire book paints an incredible picture of the gospel and what Christ has done for us.

This book is arranged in a way that it is to be used for personal devotions or for group conversational use. Each chapter ends with discussion questions that provoke deeper thinking and each section is short enough that it would be suitable for a wide range of groups.

I highly recommend this book not only to females looking to study an amazing example of being a godly woman but to men and women alike who want to know their Saviour more through the ways in which he has worked in the lives of those in the past so that they can appreciate all the more what He is doing for us now.

Sarah Perkins, London City Presbyterian Church