Barnabas Piper’s new work “Hoping for Happiness” is not an incredibly long read, but it is packed with so much convicting truth. As he is someone who has lived through wonderful moments and incredibly painful moments in his life, he is able to outline biblical happiness in a very real and relatable way.

The most striking part of this work is that the truth that it is conveying is so incredibly simple, but so rarely spelled out. There are very few lines in this book that were not being highlighted as I read through!

This book is incredibly timely, as the world is grappling with what true happiness is in light of their expectations for this past year. I found Piper’s word revolutionary in the way that I have thought about this year and how I hang my hopes on parts of my life that cannot bear the weight.

The Lord repeatedly spoke to me through Piper’s words about how much I have not been reliant on him. For long-time Christians or for those who have just came to faith, this book outlines a truly healthy perspective on what true biblical happiness looks like. True happiness is putting your faith in him through times that are easy and times that are hard, as happiness is found in our rest in Him alone.

I cannot recommend this book enough.

This book is available to purchase from The Good Book Company.

Sarah Perkins, London City Presbyterian Church