This is a collection of four biographical sketches of figures from Protestant history; the reformers Martin Luther, John Calvin and John Knox, and the Puritan preacher and writer John Bunyan. The subtitle of the book is “The testimonies of…” these men, but these are not testimonies in our more modern understanding of the phrase. Rather, they are brief biographies with a major emphasis on letting each figure speak in their own words through letters, writings and sermons. This gives a vivid sense of their times and lives, and would be a good introduction to these figures for someone who was looking to get to grips with 16th and 17th century church history at a more personal level. The author writes well and clearly, and as Emeritus Professor of Church History at Covenant Seminary is well equipped to do so. In his own words: “I seldom add criticism. I don’t need to. (They) are candid in confessing their own sins and failures.”

I would cheerfully recommend this book to all interested in these important figures from our Christian heritage.

This book is available to purchase from Banner of Truth.

Hamish Sneddon, St Andrews Free Church