The well-known and much appreciated author, Warren Wiersbe, has drawn together 14 formerly published or broadcasted studies on the names of Jesus to form this volume. Wiersbe adopts the direct and straightforward language of the broadcaster which works well in enabling Christians to consider various attributes of their Saviour and to challenge non-believers.

The first five chapters are taken up with names of Jesus from the Old Testament whilst the remaining chapters from the New Testament contain both familiar and some possible unfamiliar titles such as the Pioneer. Each chapter or study allows the reader to explore thoughtfully how that specific name for Jesus enriches our relationship with Him. For me the book contained a number of highlights such as Jesus as Surety, the Alpha and Omega and the Firstborn. In a few studies, most notably that of the Carpenter, I was not totally convinced of the validity of some of Wiersbe’s assertions. This is, nonetheless, a good, foundational book which is a welcome addition to Wiersbe’s published works.

Gari Lewis, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Llwynhendy