I was eager to read this book as I thought it was the account of one family’s life on the mission field with OMF. Apart from the first and two last chapters, however, it is not so much an autobiography as a series of biblical truths learnt on life’s journey and shared with the reader. Some powerful and gripping illustrations from the author’s personal life are woven very pertinently to illuminate these truths and it was these I enjoyed best. I was also profoundly moved by the chapter (6) on the Dunblane massacre.

I understand that parts of the author’s earlier publication, 'Nothing Else to Fear' (2003), have been reworked in this new book. Both titles come from Tate and Brady’s excellent hymn, a paraphrase of Psalm 34, and its themes permeate the book, i.e. that whatever the providence of God in the Christian’s life, His covenant love is steadfast and unfailing. Further, we can be confident and secure in the knowledge that He is in total control of all world events and that He is the God of our future as well as our present.

This is a thought-provoking book. I enjoyed some chapters much more than others but throughout, I was reminded of God’s unfailing love and care and shown how to hold on to His unchanging faithfulness in a practical way.

Judith Lewis, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Llwynhendy