This book not only looks like a classic for anyone’s library but also a work of art. One hundred and sixteen stories no less, have been selected from the Bible and carefully translated into the language of children. Although no age category is stated, both illustrations and text would fit the 5-8 age bracket who will ask the challenging questions. For instance, the first sentence in the book says that ‘there was only God who has always been there’ which just begs a six year old to explore.

Each story is large font and two pages long finishing with three discussion questions, so it can easily be used as a daily family Bible reading. The illustrations are bright, colourful, and uncomplicated but full of detail, so in the Garden of Eden 10 birds and animals jostle for a place on the page.

The text clearly holds to the truth of the Word of God, yet at the same time uses simple descriptive language which is captivating for both adults and children. This will be a joy for any grandparent, parent, auntie, or uncle to read to the little children in their family and be excited by the resulting discussions.

This book is available to purchase from CLC.

Ruth Aird, Bruntsfield Evangelical Church, Edinburgh